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The Musical Comedy Guide Showcase returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2022, this year taking place in the Billiard Room (106 ticketed seating capacity) within Gilded Balloon's flagship Teviot Row House venue on Bristo Square, at 4:30pm every day from Sunday 14th to Sunday 28th August.

If you're interested in performing a set of (up to) 10 minutes of comedy material that primarily uses music, at one or more of the shows, and optionally hosting one of them, please complete this form.

You can leave this blank if the same as your act name
Where you can be contacted about performing
To contact you on the day(s) of your showcase performances, if necessary. Please include the international dialing code (such as +1), if the number is not based in the UK (which is +44).
When/where are you performing at the Edinburgh Festivals this year, be they your own shows and/or others?
Please state URLs for videos or audio (ex. YouTube or Soundcloud) that give a good impression of what you would perform at the showcase, or else please describe it
Remember that the show takes place between 4:30pm and 5:30pm for each performance, so you would need to be able to arrive by 5:10pm at the latest (for the final guest slot in the show), or could leave at about 4:50pm at the earliest (on finishing the first guest slot in the show). You can add details for this in the next question.
Any notes or exceptions to the dates you have selected above?
Would you be interested in hosting one of the shows that you are available for? This would mean being present throughout the whole hour (and arriving around 4:15pm, before it starts), performing your own material at the start and/or end (total of 10 minutes), and introducing the other four acts. Show producer and technician Dave would be on hand to help you with this.
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