Edinburgh Festival 2018 Showcase

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The Musical Comedy Guide Showcase is a free daily hour-long compilation of the best musical comedy at this year's Edinburgh Festival. Come along each evening to see a hand-picked selection of live comedy using music – funny songs, satirical parodies and more...

  • Sunday 5th August - hosted by the snazzy Katie Pritchard, bringing us guest slots from musical comedy godfather Mitch Benn, artiste Harriet Braine, song-ruiner Friz Frizzle and banger David Hoare.
  • Monday 6th August - hosted by rap duo Andy Quirk and Anna J, introducing guests songstress Tamar Broadbent, muso Archie Henderson, witty Bennet Kavanagh and punmaster Darren Walsh.
  • Tuesday 7th August - hosted by George Rigden, introducing guests urban poet Wisebowm, artiste Harriet Braine, masked Jez Brown, and Chortle best music award winners Flo & Joan!
  • Wednesday 8th August - hosted by Tamar Broadbent, and guests adulting singer Tash York, singalonger Pat Cahill, the characters of Cassie Atkinson and rocker Christian Reilly.
  • Thursday 9th August - hosted by Dragprov Revue, with guests punster Jamie D'Souza, Lorna Shaw as character Ava Rage, powerpointing Andy Onions and witty Bennet Kavanagh.

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