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Wilfredo and guitarist on stage at Cape Town Funny Festival 2013 by Eddy Cassar

Wilfredo is a fictional comedy character portrayed by the British comedian Matt Roper.

The character is an obnoxious, deluded and uncouth satire of a romantic singer characterized in a Commedia dell'arte style. Wilfredo has acquired a cult status, particularly among music festival audiences and on the alternative cabaret and comedy circuit in London. Roper has toured the character internationally, performing in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Australia and Argentina.

Pieces performed by this act
Peace All Over The World (released )
Subjects of pieces performed: Christmas (1), Christmas tree (1), Feliz Navidad (1), Jesus (1), love (1), nativity (1), peace (1) and sex (1)
Comedic styles in pieces performed: character (1), observational (1) and spoof (1)
Musical styles in pieces performed: easy listening (1) and latin (1)
Musical instruments in pieces performanced: drums (1), guitar (1), piano (1), sleigh bells (1) and trumpet (1)
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