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Strong and Stable leadership

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Ask me a question I'll give you the answer
The key to world peace or the cure for cancer
You'll find I'm very good at this game
Cos no matter the question the answer's the same

What's the most important issue facing the nation?
Why are 30 Tory MPs under police investigation?
Why won't you do any TV debates?
Why d'you keep using a phrase that everyone hates?

Strong and stable leadership

How did it feel holding Donald Trump's hand?
What's it called when The Hulk and Red Rum rule the land?
Why did you rule out an election and then call one anyway?
Is this the way to Amarillo? Do you know the way to San Jose?

Strong and stable leadership

Could you take a life? Would you shoot to kill?
What's an anagram of 'pert goddesses banana thrill'?
Should I get an android or stick with an iPhone?
What's connected to Angela Merkel's thigh bone?

Strong and stable leader's hip

What's a more annoying phrase than 'hard-working families?'
Why the hell did you make Boris Johnson foreign secretary?

Photograph of Theresa May
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