Loretta Maine

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Loretta Maine standing with her guitar strapped to her back

Loretta is a disturbed American singer-songwriter described by The Guardian newspaper as "Dolly Parton seen through the lens of Mike Leigh".

Pieces performed by this act
Happy Goddamn Christmas (released )
Subjects of pieces performed: alcoholic (1), apology (1), bitter (1), break-up (1), Christmas (1), drinking (1), goodwill to all men (1), lies (1), restraining order (1), Santa (1) and snow (1)
Comedic styles in pieces performed: character (1), dark (1) and insult (1)
Musical styles in pieces performed: easy listening (1) and folk rock (1)
Musical instruments in pieces performanced: bass guitar (1), drums (1), guitar (1), organ (1), strings (1), trumpet (1) and tubular bells (1)
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