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Barnaby Griffin

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After reaching the giddy heights of winning 'NME Band Name of The Week' in March, 1991, with the trio of cabaret reprobates 'Wind of Piglet', Barnaby Griffin escaped from his imaginary limelight and faded further into obscurity. Now, after more than 15 years of shilly-shallying, he has picked up his guitar again and is hell-bent on changing the World for the sillier.

Pieces performed by this act
Only Fools Vote For Jeremy Corbyn (released )
Subjects of pieces performed: Al Qaeda (1), Amazon (1), BUPA (1), general election (1), Jeremy Corbyn (1), NHS (1), Nigel Farage (1), politicians (1), politics (1), Rupert Murdoch (1), The Daily Mail (1), The Sun (1), Theresa May (1), Tony Blair (1) and United Kingdom (1)
Comedic styles in pieces performed: ironic (1) and satire (1)
Musical styles in pieces performed: acoustic (1) and ballad (1)
Musical instruments in pieces performanced: guitar (1)
Submitted 7 years 3 weeks ago by natts.
Sunday, 7 May 2017 - 4:22am
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