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Only Fools Vote For Jeremy Corbyn

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Only Fools Vote For Jeremy Corbyn

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  • 23/04/2024uploaded

People often ask me, "Who are you going to vote for in the General Election?"

To which I always reply, "Do you take me for some kind of fool?!"


Only fools vote for Jeremy Corbyn
Complete tools are those that do support him
They are so misguided
Let us just dismiss them
For who in their right mind
Would want a better fairer system?
Only fools

Hopes that every terrorist
Will make it up to heaven
And there are those who still insist
He orchestrated nine eleven
He's said all along
Al Qaeda is amazing
Ok I could be wrong
And I may be paraphrasing

Jeremy Cor-Bin Laden

He will think twice about a nuclear strike
And rightly he is rebuked and mocked for this
I can't understand who would vote for a man who does not like
The idea of a nuclear apocalypse

Imagine the fireworks

Only fools vote for Jeremy Corbyn
He wants better schools but how will he afford them
Through taxation he'll bleed
Every corporation
When we all concede that corporate greed
Is better than education
Of course it is

And I'm with Amazon Prime such a benevolent organisation

This Corbyn guy's not frugal
So only has scant savings
That's why he is so brutal
On those who use tax havens
But we need the super rich coz they make us wealthy too
It's called trickle down economics and it's been proved to be untrue

But I'll still say it

He wants to invest in the NHS because he wrongly believes
Privatisation makes things worse
But it will greatly improved the care every patient receives
If doctors were to put profits first

And I have shares in BUPA

Only fools vote for Jeremy Corbyn
There's established rules, you can't simply ignore them
The media sets the agenda
It's the way it's always been done
Then we unwittingly surrender
Our brains to The Sun
And The Daily Mail

Let the impartial Beeb
Tell us what to believe

See, there is no media bias
They just report the facts
That's why they're justified
In personal Corbyn attacks
We don't need no mugwump who speaks in simple language
We need a leader who knows how to eat a bacon sandwich

With much decorum

As I understand every Corbyn fan
Thinks there is no stupider cock
Than that craggy faced old businessman
The media mogul Rupert Murdoch

I'm chuffed with that rhyme

Only fools vote for Jeremy Corbyn
Like nerds in cagoules they're really rather boring
I want a party leader who only pretends to care
Like Nigel Farage, Theresa May and Tony Blair
Remember him?

He was God's lackey
Who loved to kill Iraqis

Here is my suggestion
Ask yourself this question
Is a society reliant on food banks cruel?
If you answer yes you're a fool.

Submitted by natts on Sun, 07/05/2017 - 04:32.
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Sun, 07/05/2017 - 04:38
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