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A Tiny Bit Less

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A Tiny Bit Less

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  • 02/12/2023uploaded

Music produced by Laurence Hobbs. Video filmed and edited by Bob Pipe, featuring Jayde Adams, Jay Foreman, Tom Goodliffe, Jennifer Lack, Miles Lloyd, Jinni Lyons and Jonathan Monkhouse.


I flinch at the sound of a sleigh bell
And don’t get me started on snow
I have deep-seated issues with Santa
And Christmas tree pine needles only cause woe

The cold streets of London are heaving
With furious shoppers on speed.
All the pubs play a blizzard of Band-Aid and Wizzard
On a soul-crushing loop til our ears start to bleed

Nobody really likes eggnog, do they
And nobody likes Christmas pud
But I feel it’s frowned upon to not cram it down upon
A day which is so definitely supposed to be good

Ho ho ho hold on, there’s something to hold onto
Something to make/ me feel blessed
At Christmas, I hate everyone
A tiny bit less

A tiny bit less, a tiny bit less,
At Christmas I hate everyone
a tiny bit less

My rancid neighbor seems less rancid
My landlady seems pretty fair
My family seem like the Waltons
Not even Dapper can make me despair

Breakfast presenters seem human
Tories raise only a sigh
I find myself smile at kids which are vile
And as for myself, I assure you that I

Escape no such praise nor such censure
My own list of defects is huge
All year I’m a hate-fuelled menace
But at Christmas I‘m only a grumpy old scrooge

Ho ho ho hold on there’s something to hold onto
Look at all those you detest
For Christmas, or for Yule, there’s this hope in store:
you’ll abhor them a tiny bit less.

A tiny bit less, a tiny bit less
At Christmas, you’ll hate everyone
A tiny bit less – YES!

A tiny bit less, a tiny bit less
At Christmas, we hate everyone
A tiny bit less

[those sleighbells are doing my nut in]

Submitted by natts on Tue, 01/12/2015 - 05:58.
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Tue, 01/12/2015 - 17:49
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