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Love On YouTube

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'Love On YouTube' by Rachel Parris (comedy music video)

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  • 23/03/2023uploaded

Rachel Parris has confessed her love for an infamous YouTube celebrity... the 'loading sign' (that little symbol that appears whenever a video is loading).

To celebrate (and explain why) she's written a song and made this music video. The song also offers crucial advice to other singletons on Valentines Day on how to "bag themselves a symbol of their own".

I watch you in the day
I watch you in the night
I try to turn off
But I'm embedded

You're fast and then you're slow
You come and then you go
But I think I like
Where this is headed

Every day you're the little thing that holds me
Every minute every hour you are there
Every time I feel the world is pulling me ahead
You hold me back, you hold me back
You hold me back again

Little loading sign
I love 'cause you're mine
You give me time
You give me all the time I need
Little loading sign
You nearly sent me blind
But now I'm fine and I'm online
My loading sign, my loading sign

Not everyone likes you
But they won't giga-bite you
They just find you a bit frustrating

But I love it when you load
See you know how to decode me
I'm happiest on YouTube when I'm waiting.


Hey ladies if you're jealous
Listen up I'm gonna tell yous
How to bag yourself a symbol of your own
It doesn't take a minute
To make this baby spin it
It comes faster the more you upload

I subscribe to slower broadband
So I can see you often
In younger days I hated you
But now my heart has softened
Cause nowadays I feel that I need the space you offer
Every second that you buffer is a second like no other

I'm up for being interlaced
If you can be progressive
I'll refresh you if you need it
But rebooting seems excessive
Anticipation is my favourite sensation
And the lagging has me backing
An illegal operation

I've kinked all the cables
I've swept you off the table
I've reduced my bandwidth
Till my eyes are square
720 or 1080p
There's no contest baby
See I know just what it takes to get you there

You don't need to buy my flowers
'Cause you look a bit like flowers
Just a single flower really I suppose
You don't need to shower me with GIFs
There are so many positives
To dating tiny symbols
I can close the window
But why would I close the window
When its the window that gets me through the day


Song written and performed by Rachel Parris, music produced by Laurence Hobbs

Video directed by Stuart Laws and produced by Daniel Berg. Loading Sign played by Mark Stephenson.

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